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Texans Tickets Feature Pictures Of Fans, Not Players

Admittedly, the decision for your Houston Texans to feature the pictures of selected fans instead of players on the 2011 home game tickets was entirely motivated by the lockout and not some noble sense of highlighting the people who actually make the entire enterprise function. Still, I like the idea a whole lot. The fans deserve some recognition.

Of course, the people chosen for ticket immortality may not represent the most realistic portrayal of the true state of the Texans fanbase. I don't see a single frown. I don't see a single tear. I don't see a single allusion to blinding rage, or problem drinking, or soul-crushing disappointment.

Are the 2011 tickets really a reflection of Texans fandom, friends? If not, I invite you to share what you'd be wearing or doing if you were featured on a Texans game ticket.