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Gentlemen, Start Your Footballs?

Consider this an Open Thread for tonight as we hopefully - and finally - get us a dadgum football season.

Owners just ratified the agreement, according to PFT.  Post news as you get it.

Update: Vote was 31-0 by the owners with the Oakland Los Angeles Oakland Raiders and Crazy Al Davis abstaining.

Update: Alan Burge reports on the Twitter machinery that the Hall of Fame Game has been cancelled, and NFL training facilities will open on Saturday pending player approval.

Update: Burge reports the league year begins Wednesday, which is when the signing craziness begins.

Also, it's just legalese, but the owners voted on a proposal to end the lockout.  There will need to be an official vote.  Not a huge deal, especially with dates and decisions being made.

Update: Adam Schefter: In email to player reps, NFL demanding that NFLPA re-form as a union and provide evidence by Tuesday, July 26.

Update: Via Burge via @NFLprguy, terms and conditions of agreement.

Update: And very important to remember.  From @FO-DougFarrar:

Guys, this doesn't mean the lockout is over. It means that the owners like their own proposal. Players still have to approve.

Update: Chris Mortensen, over several tweets, says the players have not seen this agreement.  At this point, I doubt we have resolution tonight.

Update: Big update from PFT.  Here's the money line:

Folks, there’s no way the NFLPA* will be approving the deal tonight or passing it along to the players for a vote.  And once the league has to start canceling preseason weeks and not just one preseason game, real money is going to disappear — and the chances of getting a deal done will diminish.