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BRB Madden Tournament: Are You In?

As DisplacedTexan announced here, BRB, in conjunction with 360 Sports Lounge and Silver Eagle Distributors, is going to hold a Madden Tournament on Saturday, July 30, 2011 and Saturday, August 6, 2011, from noon to 4 p.m. CDT each day, at 360 (4601 Washington Ave., Suite 150, Houston, TX 77007). The tournament will via Xbox (sorry, PS3ers), with three (3) consoles available to play on site at 360 plus the ability to play for out-of-towners via Xbox Live (account info will be forthcoming).

More details to follow, but I need an idea of how many people are interested in playing in this tournament.

We are working hard on bringing in a charity which, if it happens, will likely result in me asking that you make a charitable donation of some sort to that organization. Or, alternatively, if you join us at 360, you will probably have the option of buying the first ever official BRB t-shirt; a portion of all t-shirt purchases will go to the aforementioned charity (assuming we're able to get said charity on board with the event).

Yes, there will (probably) be t-shirts. I've contacted a vendor and everything. The dream of so many is almost a reality. I expect the t-shirts to be available on that second Saturday (August 6th) of the tournament, though they could be ready in time for that first Saturday. Guess you'll have to come both weeks to find out!

In addition to video games and t-shirts, there will also be drink specials. So even if you don't want to actually enter the tournament, you can still come out, shelter from the weather, and heckle the participants hang out. It should be a good time. I mean, what else are you going to do on a Saturday afternoon in late July/early August? Watch baseball?

So, I close with a series of questions, BRB:

1. Will you be at 360 on Saturday, July 30th and/or Saturday, August 6th?

2. If your answer to Question No. 1 is "yes," will you be participating in the Madden Tournament at 360?

3. If your answer to Question No. 1 is "no," will you be participating in the Madden Tournament via Xbox Live?

4. If your answer to Question No. 1 is "yes," are you interested in purchasing the inaugural BRB t-shirt?

Kindly answer these queries in the Comments below so we can get some semblance of a head count.