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2011 Free Agent Watch: Negotiations With All Free Agents Can Begin

For those who have missed football, the action will be flying fast and furious all day long. Aside from finding out all 18 members of Rick Smith’s undrafted free agent haul, negotiations can begin with all free agents this morning. Yes, Nnamdimaniacs will be watching all day for news of an offer. 

We're already hearing word, per ESPN's Chris Mortensen, that your Houston Texans will offer All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha a very large contract. I think many fans would rush out immediately to purchase an Asomugha jersey and Scrabble boards if he were to commit to Houston. 

Will Gerald Sensabaugh get a call today? There have been many who have linked him to Houston as well. Aside from those two names, there aren't many others who have been linked to Houston, so either that's it or the Texans have kept some things hidden from the fans. 

Any predictions from the masses on who Rick Smith signed while you were sleeping and dreaming of Asomugha? Consider this the open thread for all of day two’s activities, news, rumors, and notes.