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2011 Free Agent Watch: What Do We Know After Day One?

As I write this, the two open threads we had at BRB today to discuss and track free agent movement have had nearly 1,800 comments (see here and here). That's unbelievable. What's even more unbelievable is that so very little of that discussion dealt with moves your Houston Texans actually made. Approximately one day in to the frenzy that is 2011 NFL free agency, what do we know about the Texans?

The simple answer: Not much. Nevertheless, a few quick thoughts...

1. Your Houston Texans agreed to terms with eighteen (18) undrafted rookie free agents. Their names, and some analysis, courtesy of SB Nation Houston's Danny Charles (here he's known as TexansDC):

LSU wide receiver Terrance Toliver Florida Atlantic wide receiver Lestar Jean
Oregon wide receiver Jeff Maehl
Montana-Carroll fullback Justin "Bubba" Bartlett
Temple offensive tackle Darius Morris
Colorado State fullback Zac Pauga
Tulane offensive tackle Peter Hendrickson
Rutgers guard Howard Bargieri
Florida State linebacker Mister Alexander (my new favorite Texans name by the way)
West Texas A&M linebacker Bryan Braman
Virginia Tech linebacker Steven Friday
Virginia defensive end Zane Parr
Virginia Tech defensive end John Graves
California cornerback Darian Hagan
TCU cornerback Jason Teague
Louisiana-Lafayette safety Maurice Rolle
Oklahoma defensive tackle Adrian Taylor
Central Michigan punter Brett Hartmann

It is absurdly early, but if I had to place money on players to make the 53-man roster and/or 8-man practice squad, I’d place money on Toliver, Maehl, Pauga, Friday, Teague, Taylor, and Hartmann.

2. Matt Leinart will supposedly be reunited with his college sensai in Seattle. I am nonplussed. Dan Orlovsky hardly gives me any sense of security at QB2, but Leinart didn't either. If the guy wanted a place where he could compete for a starting gig, this was not the place for him.

3. The Texans re-signed Damione Lewis. I like Lewis, though it's unlikely he's any more than a rotation guy on the defensive line.

4. Nnamdi Asomugha has not agreed to terms with any team yet. Nor has Johnathan Joseph. Nor has Eric Weddle. Nor have the vast majority, if not all, of the possible players Smithiak may/should target for the currently woeful secondary. Keep hope alive!

5. By the time I publish this post, the preceding paragraph could be entirely outdated.

6. Neither Vonta Leach nor Jacoby Jones has signed anywhere else, either, yet I remain wholly unconvinced either player will be a Texan at the end of the week.

7. Somehow, Rashad Butler is still a Texan. That qualifies as a shocker, considering what Butler said just yesterday. Far be it for me to look that gift horse in the mouth, though; I'll gladly take Butler as the Texans' swing tackle again this year.

As we wind down on the first day of what's sure to be an insane week, what are your thoughts, observations, reaction, etc.?