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2011 Free Agent Watch Day Two Part Quatre (Because We're Classy Like That and Stuff)

Okay boys and girls, gather round, it's storytime!

Once upon a time in a magical world where pigskins fly and quality beer flows in the streams and rivers (no Coors Light here), there was an enchanted cornerback who bore a surprising resemblance to the guy in those Old Spice ads.  He was walking through the forest of free agency and came across a shoddily-built house; most likely a non-union job.

The corner walked into the house and saw a big wooden table with three bowls of money.  He sat in a green chair and looked at the bowl, "this bowl is too small and it smells like feet."  He looked at the next bowl, one of gold and red, "this bowl is even smaller and the chair looks like it was painted by someone in Kindergarten!"  He then came to a battle red bowl and said, "this bowl is juuuuuust right...and BIG!!"  He ate the whole bowl up.

We now continue with our free agent watch/panic/outrage already in progress.

Oh, and Josh Wilson has been signed by the Redskins.  Our options in the secondary are starting to get a little thin, now.