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2011 Free Agent Watch: What Do We Know After Day Two?

Hoping that your Houston Texans would ramp up the news after a relatively quiet first day of the madness that is NFL free agency in 2011? If so, you were sorely disappointed, as the only substantive news concerning your Houston Texans that broke today was the re-signing of Matt Leinart, presumably to be Matt Schaub's backup this year. That move likely means the end of the Dan Orlovsky Era in H-Town, but that doesn't exactly qualify as blockbuster stuff.

Where does this leave our beloved Texans, you ask? In limbo, that's where! While some reports have the Texans "working hard" on both Nnamdi Asomugha and Johnathan Joseph, that's an awfully long way from closure. Thus, the vigil rolls on.

One final note for the night on Asomugha: If Scrabble doesn't sign a deal with the Texans, we'll likely never really know how much the Texans offered him. If you choose to believe some of the rumors floating around out there right now, however, there's at least a chance the Texans may have offered or will offer Asomugha more money than any other suitor. If that's accurate, and Asomugha chooses to take less money to play elsewhere, I'm not quite sure how any reasonable fan can be angry at Houston's management about that.

Sure, you can complain that their past actions failed to make Houston as attractive a landing spot as it should be, but looking at the here and now, what more could they do? If they offered the top free agent on the market more money than any other team, and that player doesn't take it, well...that sucks, but what else would you have the team do? They can't make Nnamdi Asomugha take their money.

As long as the Texans have a contingency plan for losing out on Nnamdi, I won't fault them if they made the biggest offer and he refused to take it. And you have to think that the Texans have a Plan B if Asomugha won't come to Houston. Hopefully, that plan wasn't named Josh Wilson.