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2011 Free Agent Watch: What Do We Know After Day Three?

"Quite a bit more than yesterday" would be an understatement. Let's get into it after the jump.

1. Your Houston Texans have signed their CB1. No, it's not Nnamdi Asomugha. It's Johnathan Joseph. While Joseph isn't coming cheap, that's the cost of adding a legitimate impact cornerback via free agency. The Texans may have overpaid, but that's to be expected. Besides, I reckon the money they're giving Joseph is less than what Nnamdi Asomugha gets from his next employer.

2. I don't know whether it was Rick Smith, Bob McNair, or someone else calling the shots, but I'm thrilled that the Texans did not allow themselves to be held hostage by the free agent process any longer. The risk of losing out on Joseph while waiting on Asomugha was too great; the Texans simply couldn't afford not to add one of those two guys. I'm guessing that the Texans tumbled to the conclusion that Asomugha wasn't really interested in coming to Houston and, once that became clear, they moved on. Well played.

3. The Texans aren't done yet. They still need a safety, and they're allegedly in the hunt for Danieal Manning. Dawan Landry and Gerald Sensabaugh are also still out there for the taking as well. And with Matt Turk gone, Daniel Sepulveda's purported upcoming visit becomes even more noteworthy.

4. Management reportedly gave Amobi Okoye and David Anderson permission to seek a trade. If neither one is able to find a new employer, they could very well be cut. I'll miss David Anderson; I always liked him. My feelings on Okoye are well documented (brief synopsis: I think he's been a colossal wee bit of a disappointment), so I won't repeat them here, except to say that I am a bit surprised that the Texans are looking to part ways with him before Wade Phillips got a chance to see him in camp. The fact that the Texans are apparently so willing to move on so soon could well mean that Wade has seen all he needs to see on the tape.

It's been a crazy day, and I'm tired of typing. I'd much rather read what you guys think, so please share your thoughts.