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2011 Free Agent Watch: Day Four (Part I)

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Since I'm likely the only one awake after passing out five minutes before Danieal Manning agreed with the Texans (Vicodin is a hell of a drug), I figured I'd get the Free Agent talk started this morning.

After a smashing evening in day three of free agency that saw Houston add a legitimate safety and an elite NFL cornerback (even though Jordann disagrees with me on that title), the well is likely running dry as far as spending money goes. It should be depth from here on out and there is still a handful of guys out there, both the Texans' own and other teams' guys.

I'd like to see Mark Anderson brought back for sure and Kevin Bentley if the price is right (as in the minimum). Then there is the great Vonta Leach debate, but I personally think he is gone. He's not getting $4 million a year. At least not here. I'll miss the big guy, and they could still find a way to get him back in here, but I'm not holding my breath. I'd be surprised if we don't hear something about it today.

What about you guys? Think we find a way to add a Nate Clements? Resign Vonta? Or is it just mop up duty (depth) from here on out? Fire off in the comments below.