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2011 Free Agent Watch: Day Five (Part I)

With things slowing down considerably yesterday for the Texans in the free agent game, most expect an answer today on Vonta Leach. It is said that he is being courted by the Ravens, Broncos, Giants and Cowboys as well as Houston.

There has also been no news on the possible trade front for David Anderson and Amobi Okoye, who have both been given permission by the team to explore trades. LZ got us excited yesterday with the rumor that the agent of Shane Lechler was working hard to find a way to "bring his guy home" in a possible swap for Amobi, but Lance even said himself that it was unlikely to happen

The team does have a tryout this morning with punter Daniel Sepulveda to fill the hole in out hearts that Matt Turk has left behind. If he's healthy, he's an upgrade. If not, they may decide to go with undrafted Brett Hartmann, signed out of Central Michigan.

If the team has any coin left and they decide not to go the Vonta Leach route, one guy on my personal wishlist is the recently cut Aubrayo Franklin from the 49ers, who would be a nice addition to that defensive line at nose tackle; now that we have a real safety, this appears to be the primary ignored position on the roster, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Another one on the wishlist is Packers free agent defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins. I thought he'd be way out of Houston's price range but some around the league are now saying that he could be had at a bargain since the market is drying up. This guy could be the difference-maker for us and would cap off an already amazing free agency period.

Kelly Gregg was another possibility, but he agreed to a 1 year deal with Kansas City this morning. Bummer. This tells me the Texans really are content with the Mitchell/Cody tandem at the nose since Gregg signed for so little elsewhere and Houston wasn't even listed as a team with interest. Well, we can't have it all, I guess.

Anyone left out there you'd like to see wearing Deep Steel Blue in a couple of weeks? Discuss it here.