Is 50 sacks possible?

Or even expected?  From the team that had 25, 30, and 30 in he last three years.  Would have sounded inconceivable this time last year. I know everyone is expecting an increase with Wade, but when I went through my sack predictions per player, I was still shocked how quickly it added up.  So, for argument;s sake:

Mario 10

Barwin 8

Watt 8

Cushing 6

Antonio 4

Earl Mitchell 3

Meco 3

There's 42.  Granted, my Barwin, Watt, and Cushing projections are mildly optimistic, but I think Barwin will be the break out player, Watt's optimisim speaks for itself, and I just got finished watching the fourth quarter of the Ravens game and Wade's words about Cushing rushing between the tackles were echoing as Cush dominated that quarter.  And, I was obviously very conservative on Mario.

So, that just leaves 8 to be picked up by overage, safety blitzes, and subs (Bulman, Reed, Cody would be among candidates to pick one up here or there).

And then, I went to the league stats page and saw the Steelers led the league with 48 last year.  So, not so much . . .

But, it still gets me excited to think of all those possibilities, and I'd say 40-45 is well within reason.