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Texans Training Camp Roundup: They All Got Through In One Piece (except for a few campers who are lepers).

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Training camp was closed to the public today, though it was open to media types. So, rather than reading a panoply of impressions and observations from UprootedTexan as well as other BRB readers, we are limited to --- sigh --- whatever the "real" media deign to report upon.

(That our resident SBN/BRB representative does not count as "media," while some people with no discernible talent do, is grating to say the least.  But, you know ... whatever.  Let the old guys pretend that newspapers aren't dying off like so many Irish Elk during the Pleistocene epoch.)

Anyway, yeah. Camp was closed to the unwashed masses, more's the pity. After the jump, some choice blockquotes from the Chron, plus a couple other nuggets of mental deliciousness.

Last year, late in the season, a rakishly handsome and terrifically brilliant fellow said to me, "Glover Quin would be an elite safety. Not good, elite." I'd been on the Quin-as-safety bandwagon for a while, but this was the first time I heard someone make a statement so bold. While it's too early to say whether history will prove BFD correct, I am reminded of his prediction when I read things like this:

Glover Quin was the team's best cornerback after his first two seasons, but he was moved to strong safety during the offseason. Quin has good size (6-0, 203), speed (4.55), instincts and hitting ability for safety.

In the morning practice, Matt Schaub threw a beautiful pass to the sideline for Andre Johnson. Right when Johnson was about to catch the ball and pull it to his chest, Quin showed a great closing burst, reached out and stripped the ball from Johnson, which doesn't happen very often.

Also from the linked article, something that is interesting for all the wrong reasons:

Receiver Devard Darling, the Houston native who began his college career at Florida State then transferred to Washington State, worked out for the scouts betweem [sic] pratices today.

[...] Darling began his career with Baltimore. He missed last season after suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the preseason playing for Kansas City. No word on whether the Texans will sign him.

Darling did not miss last season because of a torn ACL.  He missed 2009 because of a regular season (week 1) ACL injury.  He missed 2010 because, despite being cleared medically and expressing interest in playing in the NFL, only the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks showed any interest.  Even ignoring the two factual errors, however, count me among the people who have no interest in a 29-year-old WR who couldn't get a job last season.

Some quick hits from elsewhere around the web:

Technically this is from yesterday, but my love for Darryl Sharpton is well-documented, and this article only made me like him more.  "If you're doing your best, don't worry about the rest."  Indeed.

No shock here, but Kubiak is holding Arian Foster out over the weekend, even though the running back is "doing fine."  Ben Tate could return tomorrow.  It's not mentioned, but I assume Steve Slaton will return whenever having a hamstring injury is not the hip thing that all the kids are doing.

Paul Kuharksy has an interesting piece on Kevin Walter and, among other things, Walter's thoughts on the silliness of people saying that the Texans need a new WR2.