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Pre-Game Recon: Three Questions With Canal Street Chronicles

Yes, only three (3) questions this week. Your Houston Texans tangle with the Saints when it counts on September 25th, and we weren't about to burn through all our questions for a preseason game.

This week, Dave Cariello, the big cheese at Canal Street Chronicles, stops by to put up with my inane queries. Dave should have my answers to his questions up sometime soon as well. In the meantime, hit the jump to get enlightened.

BRB: The Saints seem to have cornered the market on nose tackles this offseason. You have no idea how much many Texans fans envy the embarrassment of riches the Saints have at NT. Any idea how the NT rotation will work for New Orleans this year?

CSC: I would expect Sedrick Ellis and Shaun Rogers to get the start, with Rogers playing on early downs and obvious running plays. Aubrayo Franklin will rotate in liberally and probably come in on later downs and passing plays. The Saints have also seen some pretty good play from second team defensive tackles Tom Johnson and Mitch King, so look out for them during this game. The interior defensive line has definitely been an area of big improvement this off-season and there is certainly some depth now.

BRB: Reggie Bush is gone. A year or two too late, or did the Saints jettison him at the right time?

CSC: I figured since Reggie was no longer with the team that I wouldn't have to answer any more questions about the incredibly popular yet divisive running back, but alas, here I am still answering them. Given the Mario Williams/Reggie Bush 2006 draft situation, I can certainly see why Texans fans would have a bit more of an interest.

The Saints probably could have gotten rid of him last year, seeing as he missed a good bit of the season, didn't contribute much and was paid way too much. But hindsight is 20/20, right? With the amount of money he was scheduled to make, this year was certainly as good as any to part ways. Most fans were expecting the team to cut him outright and get nothing for him, so when the Saints were able to trade him for safety Jonathan Amaya and two undisclosed draft picks, it was an absolute bonus.

I think most fans wish him well on his new adventure but personally, I'm glad the Reggie Bush era is over and we can all move on with our lives.

BRB: What are the big position battles going on in New Orleans that Texans fans should be watching with particular interest come Saturday night?

CSC: Outside linebacker is definitely one of them. Scott Shanle has started at outside linebacker for the past four years, despite numerous attempts to upgrade the position. This year, however, it looks like the Saints may finally have the right guy in Jonathan Casillas. The two of them have been going back and forth with the first team in practice. Last week Casillas was impressive. If he continues along this path, Scott Shanle might finally lose his starter status.

I'd also pay attention to the wide receivers. The first four spots are pretty set but there's definitely an opening for that fifth and probably final spot. Kick returner Courtney Roby is battling it out with young, unknown talent like Adrian Arrington, Joe Morgan, Montez Billings and Andy Tanner. The decision may actually come down to special teams play, so keep an eye out there.

Rumor has it that Question No. 2 was simply, "Reggie Bush sucks. There is no question," but that I went back and edited for the sake of creating a dialogue. Regardless, thanks to Dave for taking the time to do this. Check out Canal Street Chronicles to see what Saints fans are saying about tomorrow night's game.