Training Camp: Day 3 UPDATED

As promised, I have some more pictures of training camp for you all today. Once again my awesome gf has come through and provided me with some great shots and Kubiaks post practice transcript. So make the jump, and enjoy.


 I have added Day 3 photos to the top. Day 2 photos are still below if you want to check those out as well.


Bananas Foster Thuggin



Honey Badger




B Harr

Jogging to the hot tub

Krispy a step behind

Mario looking beastly standing up



My personal favorite

Training Camp Day 3- Kubiak Interview

On pads in practice-

Normally it’s pretty mapped out, and structured but we’re going day to day right now. Just kind of feeling our guys out. We wanted to get them in their pads today without the pants. We’re going to come back in the morning and go full go but you can see us bouncing in and out. Remember we’re fixing to have a whole new group of guys on this team join the team so we’re going to have to work that situation. “Are they in pads? Are we all out of pads?” Hopefully within a week we’re all back on the same page because right now we’re on different pages as far as the guys that have been working and the guys that haven’t.

Did anyone jump out at you and catch your eye today?-

A guy did today. Earl Mitchell jumped at me today. I was just telling the players that good players make their jump in this league from year one to two. It’s just fun to watch a guy come out in the second year and be so much more comfortable and watch him. He’s made a lot of plays today. It’s one practice but it was evident.

On Ben Tate-

He’s looked fine. It’s very competitive back there. Of course Arian will be back here to work in a day or two so it’s a very competitive situation and it’ll work itself out. Last year at this time we had no idea who in the hell our back was. Right now I think we’ve got too many so let’s just let them all play and see what happens.

On the possibility of adding Vickers -

Nothing yet. We’re still talking to him. I think he’s talking to a couple of other teams. You can see how those things work. It’s like we were involved with Ty and he ended up going to Denver so you never know. While we’re out here, Rick’s working on those type of things so I’ll catch up here this afternoon. I know we’re still involved though.

On James Casey-

Well I thought he did some good stuff. Everybody’s looking. “James are you going to bang in here and do the things we ask our fullbacks to do?” We all know the things James does well so we’ll go back and look at the film but he knows it’s about respect and he’s got to step up and show the players he’s capable of handling that load. I think David Bailiff had the best quote I saw the other day. He said he wouldn’t bet against him and I wouldn’t either. I think he’s going to be a good player.

On working Manning and Joseph into kick returns-

Well and Demps is part of that equation too. There’s an interesting dynamic in football this year because the kickoff’s being moved forward. “How many are going to be returned?” Now you’re down to knowing you’re going to touch the ball on punt returns or you’re going to get a touch in on kick returns. There’s a teaching difference. How do you put your team together at the end and also we’ve got a few guys but obviously Danieal’s been one of the better ones in the game. He just happened to be on a team with a pretty good one so it’s going to be nice to see him getting the ball.

Is there competition for the punt return position?

Oh yeah I think there definitely will be. There definitely is and like I said, Demps, Shiloh has done it and we’ve even got GQ working back there a little bit. Putting this team together, that will be a tough call at the end, who ends up doing that. We’ve got a 46th guy now on game day now so that’s nice. “Is that going to be a returner?” I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

On Ben Tate (again)-

Well he’s in a battle. He’s working as a fourth guy right now and that’s a humbling experience. To come out here, he missed all of last year and he’s working as a fourth guy right now but he’s working hard and it’s a very competitive situation and we got a nice problem back there so we’ll see how it works out but he’s working good.

Does the abbreviated practice schedule in offseason affect team practices?

Well what it does, it makes you do more special teams in the morning because the morning is when you can do the banging and the contact and obviously the teaching all takes place in the afternoon so it’s changed the format just a little bit but not all that much really. Just keeps you out here a little longer in the morning.


Here is the Goobiak transcript:

On Ty Warren:

I had a visit with him. Obviously Rick’s been visiting with a great deal but we’re impressed with Ty, he’s a heck of a player. I know him personally obviously from being from here and I think he’s trying to decide where he wants to go next. He’s got some options and we’re hoping that maybe we might be one of those options so we’ll see.

On the heat and transitioning to wearing pads:

It’s a fluid process. Everything we’re doing right now is to bring them along and not slowly so to speak. But we do have a sense of urgency from the standpoint of when we’ve gotta be ready to play. We stayed outside all day today, that’s a good sign. The weather wasn’t too bad today. I’m hoping that our first day in pads could either be in the morning or on Thursday. I’ll make a decision as we go but just trying to spend a lot of time with our trainers, doctors, how to go about this the right way.

On how camp is going:

It’s been a good two days. You’re probably talking more about the defense since they haven’t been together. Yeah I’ve been impressed. You guys have seen us having a lot of jog through type situations late in practice where we’re getting excessive reps so we can teach off of it. It’s a little different approach but it’s important. It’s something we gotta do.

On Trindon Holliday:

I just want him to show me that he knows what our receivers do in our play book right now. That’s the most important thing. He’s had a year to study and if he knows what he’s doing then he can compete. He was never asked to play that position in college and I’m asking him to do that so it’s been a good couple days for him. He’s way ahead of where he was last year so we’ll see how he does.

On excitement and high expectations for this next season:

I think we do and obviously the last 10 days has added to that. The fact that we were able to go get some pieces for our defense that we knew were very important and you never know in free agency if you’re going to get them or not but Rick and Chris did a great job so that has added to it and just being out here on the field with JJ and watching some of these young guys we drafted, the athletes we have on the defensive side of the ball right now watching practices is very exciting. Yeah we’re looking forward to it and we just have to stay focused on what we’re doing.

On Wade Phillips:

He walks into a room and he doesn’t have to introduce himself. They know what he’s been doing, how long he’s been doing it and been very successful. He knows what he’s doing and he speaks up. I heard him telling a story to the team the other day about Robert Brazil. I was wondering in my office if they know who Robert is, you know? But just listening to him talk to them and the credibility that he instantly brings to the coaches and players on this field to this city it’s awesome. I’m glad to be with him.

On Lawrence Vickers:

No there is no update, I think he’s supposed to be visiting today but I have not seen him. It is a player that we have some interest in that we’re going to talk to.

On TJ Yates:

I tell you what, if you want to pick out a guy that made the most improvement from practice one to two it’s him. It’s a tough situation to ask a rookie quarter back to go run the second and the third group the first day of camp and he’s never had a rep. Had a tough day yesterday but I told him this morning when we were walking on the field, “you’re a second year pro today so you better be better” and he was better.

Is TJ what you guys thought he was coming in?

Well you know, we gotta see. He’s smart, he knows what he’s doing. He knows how to find completions. He’s going to get a lot of time so we’ll see.

*It should also be noted that my gf thinks she is the only person who has pictures of AJ injured talking to the trainer. It should also be noted that this happened on accident, because she didn't even know he was injured and was just trying to get a shot of him with his helmet off....

Special shout out to Whitney Parks and Bay Area Houston Magazine for the pictures and transcript.

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