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Open Game Day Thread: Saints v. Texans - 3rd Quarter

After another half of first team action, we can safely say the Texans' offense works much better with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson in the game. Schaub looks to have left all that rust on MNF. We discovered a new RB named Ben Tate and he looked pretty good... like bouncing particles good! With all these great RBs in Battle Red/Steel Blue, I'm starting to suspect our offensive line rocks.

We also found out we still have defensive problems... especially in the middle of our run defense and our secondary. Brian Cushing looks more lost than Mario ever has. Speaking of Mario not being lost, nice fumble recovery! We also learned that Adibi might be more "Evil Twin" than we thought...

Speaking of evil, Chase Daniel wants to play his entire career against the Texans. Comment away!