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Two Preseason Games In, What's Your Biggest Concern About The 2011 Houston Texans?

There's a whole lot to like about what we've seen from your Houston Texans in their first two preseason games. There are also a few things that remain a cause for concern. My biggest worry, plus an invitation for you to share yours, is after the jump.

The secondary still worries me, of course, though I feel infinitely better about it than I did, say, prior to the beginning of free agency. I'm still not buying Kareem Jackson as CB2, but that, amazingly, takes a backseat to a larger problem.

My biggest concern remains on the defensive side of the ball, but it's not the pass defense. It's the run defense. The Jets and Saints were both able to run the ball pretty effectively. While I've been pleasantly surprised by Earl Mitchell:  Nose Tackle, the run defense hasn't exactly been stout.  It has looked vulnerable.

Do you share that concern? Or are you chalking it up to the preseason?

Any other areas that frighten you with the first regular season game less than three weeks away?