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Fantasy-magoria: BRB As A Magic Lantern

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Not <em>that</em> kind of fantasy.
Not that kind of fantasy.

UPDATE (posted from my phone): My home internet has been down all day, and it continues to not work.  (Insert Arkansas joke here, Shake.)  I know that there was a Y! league draft set for tonight at 6pm for Big Girls Need Love Too, but, last I checked, there was still an odd number of teams in that league.  If the whole thing did draft, we'll sort it all out as soon as I have access.  If it did not ... well, we'll sort that out, too.  I apologize.  --M

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Barring enough interest to cause me to start another league, the BRB community's presence on Yahoo! Fantasy Football in 2011 amounts to seven separate leagues of 10 teams each.  (For all the Sooners in the crowd, that's seventy teams.)  The first draft in these leagues will take place Thursday night.  After the jump, draft dates/times (CST) for all leagues, plus some housekeeping stuff.

League Name: Big Girls Need Love Too
Draft Time: Thursday, August 25 @ 6pm

League Name: Slightly Darker Black
Draft Time: Tuesday, August 30 @ 8:45pm

League Name: Teabagging Cortland
Draft Time: Wednesday, August 31 @ 10:45pm

League Name: Mmm ... Brisket
Draft (Auction) Time: Friday, September 2 @ 7pm

League Name: Pele of Anal
Draft Time: Saturday, September 3 @ 2pm

League Name: Fear of a Battle Red Planet
Draft Time: Monday, September 5 @ 9:30pm

League Name: Codename Duchess
Draft Time: Monday, September 5 @ 10:30pm

Note 1: I'm not married to any of these times, so if 5 people in any one league want an earlier or later time, I'm happy to accommodate.

Note 2: I've gotten a couple different messages from people in these leagues who can't/don't want to play now.  If you are one of those people, please say so in the comments, and tell me your team name.  Once I've deleted your team, I'll post the info for someone else to sign up.