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Texans Links: Kubiak Announces Who'll Be Returning Kicks For The Texans

"I mean, you’re not going to sack Drew Brees every play."

Those are some wise words from Wade Phillips. Feel free to cite them to anyone who's claiming the Mario Williams-To-OLB move (or "MariOLB," as I call it) is already a failure.

Other quick news and links after the jump, friends.

-Gary Kubiak says Jacoby Jones will "definitely" be the punt returner for your Houston Texans. Danieal Manning will be your kick returner. In related news, Trindon Holliday and Quintin Demps might want to re-read their leases to see how much of their respective security deposits are refundable.

-That same story says DeMeco Ryans missed practice again. Still, no need to worry yet.

-Kubes says Derrick Ward will be cleared by the medical staff to return to action by Saturday night. No need to play him, though, right? Ward's making this team. The only real question is whether the Texans will keep four (4) RBs; if so, who will that fourth RB be?

-Danieal Manning says "[Brice] McCain is great." As I don't have any additional context, I'll let you decide what he precisely he believes "[Brice] McCain is great" at.

-Training camp officially ended on Monday. The Texans are on their in-season practice schedule now.

-Peter King talks with Arian Foster. For the record, Arian won't be too broken up if you don't take him first overall in your fantasy draft.

If you've got any Texans links of your own, kindly disclose them in the Comments.