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Houston Texans' Offensive Line Thinned Out Due To Injury--Cause For Concern?

Well...that's one way to apply ice to yourself, Kasey.
Well...that's one way to apply ice to yourself, Kasey.

If you have not been following the Houston Texans' injury report or coach Gary Kubiak's quotes lately, you may be surprised to find out that the offensive line’s depth has been challenged.

Swing tackle Rashad Butler is nursing a hamstring injury, offensive guard Kasey Studdard recently had ankle surgery and is expected to be put on injured reserve, Antoine Caldwell is out with an ankle injury, and Shelley Smith left practice yesterday with an undisclosed-as-of-now injury. We saw the result of the lack of depth last weekend as the reserve offensive line struggled to make life easy for Matt Leinart and Chris Ogbonnaya after the starting five helped Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, and Ben Tate shine.

With the team down one second-team guard for good and two others for an undisclosed amount of time, is it time for ol’ Rick Smith to go re-sign Chester Pitts peruse the free agent pool for a veteran guard as insurance? Jump to read my opinion and vote in the poll while the comments are yours to chime in with all your wondrous thoughts on the issues being caused by shaky offensive line depth.

I think we’re at the time to fortify the group due to the amassing number of injuries. The depth chart is already down both second-team guards and a third-team guard, so there's really nothing at the moment behind the starting guards. It’s always possible that an injury can happen on any play, but it’s more possible with Mike Brisiel.

Brisiel, who is the mauler of the group when healthy, has missed 15 games over the past two seasons due to season-ending injuries to his calf and foot the past two years. Given that history, I can't put all my eggs into the Brisiel basket. I would rather fortify the line’s depth now as opposed to being caught with one's pants down - especially if Smith and/or Caldwell will not be ready to go at the start of the season.