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The First Rule of Surviving BRB: Cardio

One would think that lawyers aren't allowed to drink while working, but today while on my lunch break, I received an email from Tim asking if I'd like to join his merry band.  My first reaction was that of shock, but then I realized he meant the writers here at BRB.  This led to my second reaction, which was that Tim must have started his tailgating a day early.

So before he sobers up and has his "what the heck did I do last night" moment, allow myself to introduce... myself. 

Who am I? 

You're only one click away from finding out, so despite what your mother may have told you, come jump with me.

Those who remember that mystical land that etime forgot -- where Will Demps and Travis Johnson frolicked in the pastures behind Reliant Stadium -- may remember me.  I once inhabited that corner of the blogosphere as MDC's towel boy (BFD had already claimed massage therapist). 

In the real world, I live in Melbourne, Florida.  This means two things:  that I'm the only Texans fan for miles, and that BRB has yet another writer who doesn't live in Houston.  Personally, I think Tim has a secret plan to slowly spread his sphere of influence across the country and ultimately... the world. 

I did at one point, however, spend a few years of my childhood in Houston where I became a fan of the Astros, Oilers and Rockets.  Though I have bounced all over the country in the years since, I have always maintained my loyalty (though oddly, when the Oilers decided to do the same thing, I flipped them the fanatical finger and moved on). 

I briefly rooted for the Bucs and Dolphins -- I went to high school in Miami and went to many, many Dolphin games during the Marino years -- but when the Texans came along, my fandom had found a home again.  It's like living in a world filled exclusively with Natty Light and PBR and then stumbling across a Dogfishhead 120 Minute IPA.

"So what," asks you, the loyal reader, "does this have to do with me?"

Well, it means that you will now be occasionally subjected to the random ramblings of a man with the attention span of an... ooh, butterfly! 

As an engineer, my views on football tend to have a statistical and analytical slant.  Still, football brings out emotions I never knew I had, so you'll get to experience the best of both worlds.  Or worst.  Probably the worst.

My other interests include beer (I'm an aspiring homebrewer -- all grain, no extract), food (I'm not the smoker MDC is, but I'm developing a decent arsenal of Mexican and Asian recipes), music (mostly modern progressive rock and classic hair bands, though I also play guitar and saxomophone), and I've recently developed an odd fascination with the real history of pirates.

And though I'm too old for football these days, I still play soccer on a regular basis and am a passionate fan of FC Barcelona.

Some of that may work its way into my writing, and some may not.  Only time will tell.

So whether the current turn of events fills you with feelings of ensagement or faggination, I will do my best to make it... um... interesting. 

And may Tim never realize what he's done.