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Ex Post Facto Mortem: Texans v. Niners

I simply don't have much to say at this point tonight.  The defense is unrecognizable by any modern Texans standard.  Sure, we still can't tackle worth a darn, and our interior play is questionable, at best.  But we also aren't giving up 30 yard passes at will.  The first team offense is delightful, though we still need to find out more about Arian Foster.  As of right now, this is a mighty fun team to watch.

This is the place to let your post-game feelings hang.  Essentially, this is the final meaningful preseason game.  We'll have more posts later, but this is the place to vent your raves, rants, loves, and hates about the match-up between your JUGGERNAUT and the San Francisco 49ers.  Have at it!