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Late Night Post-Game Open Thread Of Awesome Post-Game Late Night Openness

Pictured: Concerninfinity
Pictured: Concerninfinity

If you are like me, you are a remarkably handsome fellow trapped in a backwater burgh where happiness goes to die. You have the reputation of being a gargantuan trencherman, a hard drinker, a Herculean lover, an epicure, and a sybaritic fancier of luxuries and all good things in life. You are also watching the Texans curbstomp the 49ers some five hours after the game actually started due to the scheduling quirks of the Official Network of the National Football League. ('Tis but a small price to pay for your handsome awesomeness, I guess. So there's that.)

ANYWAY ... consider this post the perfect storm of reasons to comment: whether you are just now seeing the game and, thus, are just commenting on things like the first-play interception; are venting about things you liked (or praising things you liked) in Gary Kubiak's gameplan; or are just wanting to ramble semi-coherently about things that are only tangentially to football and the Texans, this is your place.