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2011 Texans Training Camp: Day Three Recap

-Some quotes from various folks after today's practice. One such snippet from Kubes caught my attention. Coach-speak, or something more?

(on if any young guys have jumped out at him) "A guy jumped at me today. Earl Mitchell jumped at me today. I was just telling the players I think good players make their big jump in this league from year one to two. It’s just fun to watch a guy come out in his second year and be so much more comfortable in what he’s doing. He made a lot of plays today. It’s one practice, but it was evident."

-Andre Johnson should only be out another day or so. Rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

-Rick Smith and Chris Olsen have to figure out a way to get the Texans under the cap by tomorrow afternoon. I think they should cut Amobi Okoye again and argue that they're entitled to claw back some of the money they paid him for the last four years as a cap credit.

-Apparently, Charley Casserly was at camp today. How Bob McNair did not have him escorted from the premises is beyond me.

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