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Confirmed Texans Roster Moves: 8 Waived, 4 IR'd, 2 Signed

As MDC and UprootedTexan posted yesterday, your Houston Texans were reported as having made several roster moves ahead of today's deadline to trim the roster down to 80. Now, the official site has confirmed the moves. To wit:

Antwaun Molden
Antonio Baker
Brett Hartmann
Maurice Rolle
Jason Teague
Paul Williams
Matt Marcorelle
Darius Morris

Reaction: The only real surprise to me is Hartmann; I would have thought the Texans would continue to let him battle Brad Maynard for the punting gig. With Antwaun Molden's release, we're also free to start debating exactly where he ranks on the list of worst Texans draft picks of all time. That's exciting, I suppose.

Kasey Studdard
Shelley Smith
Lestar Jean
Devard Darling

Reaction: Smith is likely the biggest loss here, as he had a decent shot of being in the rotation on the OL. Smith and Darling could well be IR stashes. Studdard went to Texas, so I'm contractually bound not to say anything bad about him.

Bryant Johnson
Andrew Gardner

Reaction: Is the addition of Bryant Johnson a subtle indictment of Dorin Dickerson's progress? Gardner could be a practice body who has a shot at a practice squad slot.

Your reaction to today's confirmed moves, BRB?