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You There, Step Forward And Identify Yourself!

Every now and then,1 we here at BRB Headquarters2 like to take a sort of informal census so that we --- and your fellow BRBtards3 --- can have a sense of the people behind the blogonyms.  Think of it like the writing assignment in The Breakfast Club: an essay describing to us who you think you are.4

Because I am a giver (and because I am the one writing this post, so it's sort of expected), I'll go first.  After the jump, you'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about MDC.  And I mean everything.

The Tao of MDC

I am a 33-year-old attorney,  originally from Missouri, who has a borderline psychotic obsession with footnote and parenthetical humor.  Prior to 2006, I lived all over my home state, growing up in the SW part, going to college in Columbia and Kansas City, and then heading to St. Louis for law school.  Since Jan 1, 2006, however, I have been held captive in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I apparently have developed a case of Stockholm Syndrome, as I find myself enamored with my female captor.  I have two kids and 1.5 dogs.

As a sports fan, I am a bit of a mongrel.  I live and die with the Michigan Wolverines football team, which is even less rational than feeling empathy for my captor.  I root for the Cleveland Indians, the Houston Rockets, Tottenham Hotspur, the Detroit Red Wings, Missouri Tiger basketball, and (of course) our beloved Houston Juggernaut.  There are reasons underlying each of these rooting interests, but they are stories for a different day.

Oh, I used to have my own Texans blog, but --- as I seem to recall --- it was subsumed by BRB after Tim staged a hostile takeover.  BFD and I were forced to write for BRB, while Vega was tortured and socctty was apparently murdered. If much of the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense to you, that's a really good sign that you are part of the target audience for this entire post.

But enough about me.  It's your turn.  Introduce and define yourself in the comments below, por favor.  Gracias!


1Read: when it seems like a lot of new people are showing up in the comments and there's a need for some filler material.

2 /nsert joke about the HQ mailing address being "c/o Tim's mom's basement." /punch self in the face

3 It's a term of endearment. Like "magnificent bastards," only ... um ... slightly less magnificent. Still very bastard-y, however.

4 DreKeem & Jon Banks: The Breakfast Club is a movie from 1985. bfd was 37 when it came out. Taking the Breakfast Club analogy further than it should probably go, around here bfd would be Principal Vernon, Tim would be Andrew Clark, I would be Brian Johnson, Rivers would be Allison Reynolds, TexansDC would be John Bender, UprootedTexan would be Carl the janitor, Kerns would be Claire Standish, and tGC and Still Blue would be a couple of the parents that very briefly appear in the movie at the beginning/end.