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Luv Ya Steel Blue: Big Bank Bob

<em><strong>"I'm stanky rich. I'm gonna die tryin' to spend this sh*t!"</strong></em> - Bob McNair to LYSB staff
"I'm stanky rich. I'm gonna die tryin' to spend this sh*t!" - Bob McNair to LYSB staff

After being on hiatus for three months for lack of desire to discuss all things NFL Lockout, Luv Ya Steel Blue makes its embarrassing return to your computer speakers and headphones. We discuss everything from Bob McNair finally using the company credit card to some early roster battles and take our routine look around the NFL. We also take you through the steps and recall our emotions through every moment in Texans free agency.

I must apologize for the duration of this episode, but after being deprived of talking about football for three months Patrick, Aaron and myself had plenty to say. There's a healthy dose of eternal optimism from Pat, lots of grumpiness from Aaron and of course plenty of bad language from all three of us. You have been warned.

By the way, this was recorded last Wednesday but some technical issues have prevented it from being released until today. So there are a couple of things discussed that are a little dated already (i.e,. Mark Anderson and Michael Lombardi).

You can lower your IQ by at least half over the shocking lack of knowledge by clicking play below. 

Thanks for listening, as always. If you don't have it in you to listen to the whole thing, make sure to provide your list in the comments below of 5 CBs in the NFL that you think are hands down, without a doubt, better than Johnathan Joseph.