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BRB Fantasy Football Update: Because I Know You've Been Wondering About This All Weekend [UPDATED: Info On Leagues 6 & 7 Added]

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If you are scoring at home --- or if you are alone --- we are up to four (4) BRB Fantasy Leagues.  When the fourth one filled up, there seemed to be enough people to start a fifth league.  Now, it's entirely possible that the number of drafts I have to take part in at the end of August (5+ BRB leagues, 3 personal leagues) will cause my wife to stab and/or leave me.  That's a chance I take for you.  Because I just love you all so darned much.  After the jump, information on league number 5 (and beyond?) awaits.

League Name: Big Girls Need Love Too
Password: chubbylove
League ID: 425993
Custom League URL:

In case you were wondering what the maximum number of teams/leagues you could have on one Y! account was, the answer is apparently eight.  So, having created a second Y! account for myself (, here are two more.  If you miss out on these and there's enough interest, I'll create a couple more.

League Name: Teabagging Cortland
Password: beatdown
League ID: 436398
Custom League URL:

League Name: Codename Duchess
Password: chocolate
League ID: 436495
Custom League URL:

NOTE: All of the leagues have drafts set for some time in the last week of August.  I have no problem changing them, but the available time slots in that week are pretty limited right now.