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Bleach Social: Where Are You Watching Texans-Colts?

Last year, we started a weekly in-season feature that gave Texans fans the chance to share where they were watching that week's Texans game or, if they were looking for a place to watch the Texans, the chance to ask where others were watching the game. The inspiration for this idea came from the occasional FanPost like this one. In the interest of continuity, let's go back to the well, shall we?

Looking to see where your fellow Woodlands residents are watching the Texans on Sunday?

New sports bar opening in your neighborhood we should know about?

Got a good spot in Amarillo staked out and want to let Texans fans know?

Going to be in Chicago for the weekend and need to find a substitute venue?

Want to find out who you should be looking for at Reliant?

Interested in meeting up with fellow BRBers at 360?

Care to share the location of an illicit opium den with a projection screen and Sunday Ticket in Mumbai?

Pose those queries, or dispense valuable knowledge to those who seek it, in the Comments below.