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Freddy's Letters: It's A New Season!

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As the legend of Freddy grows, so does his access.

In fact, he recently received the address of none other than Roger Goodell himself. This came in handy this week, because there really wasn't much mail to write to Gary Kubiak. Freddy is nothing if not a problem-solver, so it's hard to figure out quite where he'd start with a Texans team that bloodied the remnants of the Indianapolis Colts.

However, there were still plenty of problems about the Texans that weren't really resolved, so as soon as Freddy got back home from a soccer game, he decided to write to the one man that he hoped could fix it. Join us behind the jump as Freddy tries to figure out just what happened yesterday to the Houston Texans. Apparently they played, but only in a "tree falling in the woods" sort of way.


Did you know that Peyton Manning Peyton Peyton Manninged the Peyton? Pass it on.