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Battle Red Radio: Not Quite As Good As The Actual Texans, For Once

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After last week's inauspicious debut, replete with 10 minutes of BFD b-roll and flushing noises, the Battle Red Radio crew will be back at work again tonight  Please feed us questions here (or here) and we will answer about 10-12 of them in mid-show.

I'll resume hosting duties, but we'll be shuffling the deck chairs on the Hindenberg this time around as Tim and BFD are out. Replacing BFD will be MDC, who has likely written a post that will draw your acclaim that went up after I wrote this. As the rest of the staff did not respond on short notice, I drew up a trick play and we will have Chris Watkins, proprietor of Houston Diehards, on the line tonight with us. 

We'll go over just what happened yesterday, what is happening next Sunday, and trash J.J. Abrams, as we always do when Chris and MDC get together. 

If you missed out, check out the rebroadcast below.

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