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Arian Foster Returns To Practice; "Everything Positive"

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The mothership says Arian Foster returned to practice today. After the jump, Gary Kubiak's thoughts on Foster's return, as well as some good ol' fashioned nebulous comments about whether he'll actually play on Sunday in Miami.

"He took a normal Wednesday load for a starter," head coach Gary Kubiak said. "I guess the key probably is how does he come out of practice tomorrow, does he feel good. But everything was positive today at practice, so we’ll see."

On Monday, Kubiak said that whether Foster returns to the lineup will depend on how he does in practice.

So far, so good.

"I think it’s about him getting his confidence back and just cutting it loose," Kubiak said on Wednesday. "I just told him to be smart today, but he’s on top of his stuff. Had he not been out for a few weeks, I wouldn’t have known. Like I said, hopefully you wake up tomorrow and he felt good coming out of it and we move on to the next day."

If Foster has a good week of practice, Kubiak won't feel a need to be overly cautious when deciding if his All-Pro running back will play on Sunday.

"If he can play, you play (him)," Kubiak said. "There won’t be being careful with him. You may say, ‘This is how many times he’s going to touch it,' but you can’t do something half-speed out there. We’d have to see, but if he’s ready to go, he puts us at our best and he’ll be out there."

Crystal clear, isn't it?