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SPONSORED POST: Who's The Boldest Texans Fan Around?

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You fine people may have noticed, via last week's open game threads, that we've got a new sponsor around these parts. As an Irishman, I really could not be any prouder. Unless Guinness was to start shipping me free samples, in which case I suppose I could be prouder and generally just a better human being.

If anyone from Guinness is reading this: Don't you want me to be the best me I can be? Of course you do! Now please make with the free means to that noble end!

My shameless begging aside, the purpose of this post is to ask you, vital member of the BRB Community that you are, for your assistance. Hit the jump, and I'll enlighten you.

Our friends at Guinness want to know two things:

1. Who is the boldest fan the Texans have ever had?
2. Who is BRB's boldest fan?

We'll have posts on each of these in the next couple of weeks, but we need nominees. Share your thoughts on both your Houston Texans' boldest fan and BRB's boldest fan in the Comments below.