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Monday Night Football Open Thread

Sam Bradford and the Rams will take on the Giants and whoever they have that hasn't been injured. I'm not saying this game doesn't matter, I'm just saying it doesn't matter to Texans fans. Can the Rams take the first step to becoming the second straight NFC West team to win the division with seven wins? Can Eli Manning look doofy on national television? Can your respective fantasy teams, which I'd again like to stress that no one cares about, pull out victories by the skin of their teeth? I sure hope not.

So while all that is being unveiled, sit back here, enjoy the game with your BRBrethren, and crack open a cold one. After tonight you won't even actually have football to watch for two whole days! It's scary, I know. We'll keep writing things to help you manage, and you keep clicking on all that ad content as if you really care about it. Everything will work out!