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Samsung Game Ball Of The Week: Kareem Jackson

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Last year, this weekly feature was sponsored by the good people at Sprint. This year, Samsung has stepped up to proudly sponsor this purely mythical and totally subjective weekly award. We thank them for their patronage and, on behalf of the season's recipients, we thank Samsung for making it possible for BRB to present a game ball each week.

Which one of your Houston Texans do you believe deserves the game ball for last Sunday's victory in Miami? My pick awaits you beyond the jump. Check that: It's actually also in the title to this post. I can't keep a secret.

The first winner of Samsung's Game Ball Of The Week is none other than Kareem Jackson. I really wanted to give it Johnathan Joseph, on account of the clear difference in the Houston defense that was evident each time Joseph left the field and, to a lesser extent, his first pick as a Texan, but ultimately I had to go with Ice Kareem. Why? Because, c' many times have we been able to legitimately say that K-Jax did not play in a fashion that made you question the existence of a benevolent creator? Before Sunday? I reckon none.

Plus, Kareem forced a huge fumble (recovered by Glover Quin) on a drive during the third quarter where Miami could have taken the lead. For all the invectives we've spewed in Kareem Jackson's general direction, we have to praise him when he deserves it. So here's to you, Kareem. Congratulations on winning this highly coveted and wholly fictional award.

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