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Texans Ramblings And Musings: Wednesday Night Edition

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There are just some Texans-related items that are rattling around in my oversized head. I welcome your input in the Comments below.

-Arian Foster and Jacoby Jones didn't practice today. If Arian Foster says he can go and the medical staff clears him to play, should he start on Sunday? Should he be RB2, only spelling Ben Tate when necessary? Before anyone asks, I am not saying Foster has lost his job to Tate; I'm merely wondering if it makes sense to proceed with extra caution, considering the uncertain nature of hamstring injuries. I'd probably lean toward sitting Foster entirely, but there's not really a good solution.

-I am very worried about Will Smith returning with a vengeance on Sunday.

-Remember back in the preseason, when many Texans fans were adamant that Jason Allen should be starting at CB2 over Kareem Jackson? I was one of those fans. I was wrong.

-It's a good thing that Johnathan Joseph appears to be on track to play on Sunday. Even though Ice Kareem is coming off his best game as a pro, the thought of him and Allen being the two starting corners against Drew Brees is positively nauseating.

-If Shaun Cody/Earl Mitchell is not the answer at NT, what are the alternatives? J.J. Watt to nose, with Mario Williams moving to DE and Brooks Reed starting at an OLB spot? Move Antonio Smith inside? Are there any other options?

-I have to remind myself that DeMeco Ryans is less than a year removed from a horrific injury. If I didn't, I'd be extraordinarily concerned about his play. Instead, I'm just slightly concerned and hopeful that Cap'n Meco is working his way back to what he was before the injury. Regardless, the Texans are going to need him and Brian Cushing in a big way on Sunday. I fully expect a healthy dose of Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas up the middle.

-Can Darren Sproles do on Sunday what Reggie Bush couldn't last week? Namely, get the ball in space and find the holes in the defense?

-I can't see the Texans winning this one. Anyone out there think the good guys are going to come home from New Orleans 3-0?