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Saturday Night Tunes: Now 100% DreKeem Taunting Free. OK, Maybe 95%.

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I swear I swear, I doooooooooo declare...
I swear I swear, I doooooooooo declare...

Bienvenidos, my people, and welcome to an actual Saturday night edition of Saturday Night Tunes.  Once again, I'll take you on a tour of my most played music over the past month or so, and you can share your tastes, recommendations, suggestions, and Rick-rolling.  Shall we jump together.  We shall, we shall.

The lone non-Austin-centric group of today's edition is Foster the People.  Yes, I know they've been around a bit.  And, yes, they might very well qualify as being under the dreaded Great Hipster Douchebag Movement, but this is some excellent indie type music.  At the Waterloo Records booth at Austin's recent ACL Festival, more than three times more Foster CDs were sold than the next closest competitor.  That's pretty cool.  Now, it's all about Austin.

I may have listed this in a previous version of Saturday Night Tunes, but I'm both too damn lazy to either care or look it up.  Bob Schneider's A Perfect Day is simply an outstanding piece of work from top to bottom.  I've also been giving plenty of love to his Live at the Paramount.  However, this might be simple projection as I want to hang with the horny girls.

Finally, if pressed to name my all-time favorite band ever in my listening history, my answer would easily be The Gourds.  Austin-based and impossible to stereotype into a specific type of music, The Gourds may also put on the best live show I've ever seen.  I think it's their mix of "Texas music," rock, blues, and just whatever the hell they feel like doing that turns me on so much.  But I digress.  This week, they released their latest Old Mad Joy, and that's what I've been listening to the most recently.

What about you, BRB?  What have y'all been listening to?

The Gourds: