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Open Game Day Thread: Texans @ Saints - V3.0

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It has been an interesting first half. Of course, I mean slightly frustrating and slightly surprising.

The surprising? I think, barring some missed assignments (against Devery Henderson) and missed tackles (against Darren Sproles), that it is safe to say that the defense is legitimate. Holding the New Orleans Saints to 10 points in the first half? Limiting Drew Brees to 124 yards, an interception, and a 61.1 quarterback rating? I don't believe anyone would have predicted that kind of performance.

The frustrating? Despite 227 yards from Matt Schaub, 104 to Andre Johnson and 70 to James Casey, and four red zone possessions, the Houston Texans only have 16 points. Even with 66 yards from Ben Tate, the offensive playcalling seems to stall in the red zone. Instead of a 28 or 24 first-half performance, the Saints are still in it.

Here is your third quarter (perhaps entire 2nd half?) thread. Complain and cheer as you see fit, BRBers.