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Saints Outlast Texans, Win 40-33

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Perhaps, if I were in a better mood, it would be apt to call this a valiant effort. The Houston Texans hung with the New Orleans Saints and lost 40-33 in the Superdome. That is a far closer game than I originally thought it would be, but, unfortunately, I'm not in a better mood mere minutes after this roller coaster loss.

Since I am in a bad mood, I will harp on four field goals in the red zone. Four field goals that should have produced more 7s and less 3s which could have been the tipping point.

Could of, would of, should of. That is what this game is filled with, and that is what this week will be filled with.

Could the Texans have won with Arian Foster out there as opposed to the pass-dropping Ben Tate and running-back-into-the-pile Steve Slaton?

Would the Texans have won if they had gone for the touchdowns in the red zone instead of settling for field goals?

Should they have benched Kareem Jackson when Lance Moore just abused him in the second half?

These are the questions I ask...that unfortunately will never be answered.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers on the horizon, the Texans cannot afford to wallow in pity. We are not the Texans though, so wallow away in the comments, cuss out Kareem Jackson, or maybe find a silver lining in the play of James Casey, Andre Johnson, and a back-and-forth performance on the road against a championship-caliber team.