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Arian Foster Expected To Start On Sunday Versus Steelers

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Gary Kubiak (courtesy of John McClain):

"He's fine," coach Gary Kubiak said. "He should be OK heading into the rest of the season now, hopefully. We'll keep our fingers crossed. He's chomping at the bit and ready to go, took his full load and we're okay."

"He's a hell of a player," Kubiak said about Foster. "We've been missing him, Ben has done a hell of a job, too. He's (Foster) a key player on this team that we've almost played a month without. I know it's still a long road back. Like I said, it doesn't just go from nothing to everything. I think Arian's played 30, 33 snaps, and our other starters have played over 300 this year, so we got to bring him along the right way, too."

Getting Arian Foster back is monstrous any way you slice it, but it could be an even bigger deal against the Steelers. Not only will Foster add an element to the running game that Ben Tate (and really, nearly every other RB on the planet) cannot bring, but Foster's pass-catching ability could be a sizable part of any consistent solution to the Pittsburgh pressure that's sure to be directed at Matt Schaub all afternoon.

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