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With Apologies To Thomas Jefferson, A Reminder About BRB Community Guidelines

Every once in awhile, the tree of BRB must be refreshed with the blood of wayward commenters a friendly reminder that there are rules (gasp!) at BRB. Crazy, I know. I hate being a school marm, and I absolutely loathe having to warn or ban anyone. That's not why BRB exists. It's a place for Texans fans to talk Texans football. While that purpose seems harmless enough, it can occasionally fall victim to passion or disagreement.

Thus, I've adjusted the community guidelines new users have to agree to abide by when they sign up for an account, and I'd ask our current readers to familiarize themselves with the new gospel. After the jump, of course.

The new guidelines, as they were handed down to me by me:

No, and we mean NO, personal attacks. Express disagreement about what's written all you want; that's what this forum is for. But the second you start attacking the person who wrote it, we reserve the right to ask you to move along.

Additional rule: This.

We're awfully tolerant around these parts, yet every case is unique. Please don't make us hate ourselves for infringing upon your right to freely express yourself. We'll do it. We won't like doing it, but we'll do it.

If you see a fire, don't throw gasoline on it. Just e-mail us (see the bottom of the front page for relevant contact information). We'll get it corrected as best we can as soon as we can.

Bottom line: As my grandfather used to say, be a regular guy. Thank you for your consideration.

With the regular season less than a week away, we'll probably see a rise in new users and an increase in passionate rhetoric. Those are good things, and I'm excited to see BRB become an even better place to talk Texans as a result of both.

BRB is what it is because of everyone who takes the time to read or, even better, comment/post. Please do what you can to keep the atmosphere above board. That means that attacking other community members is prohibited. Yes, even if they're fans of other teams, or if you disagree with what they wrote. There's never a reason for things to devolve into name-calling. Let's be adults here.

Questions? Concerns? Criticism? E-mail me.