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Battle Red Radio: The Triumphant Return (9 PM CDT Tonight)

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We here at BRB listen to our fans. The No. 1 most requested thing in my e-mail box, besides people begging for the return of Mike Kerns and asking why I don't like bleach, is definitely the return of Battle Red Radio. Of course, that was only one e-mail, which is well outside of the margin of error, but aren't we all?

Anyway, join us tonight at 9 PM central time. I will play host, Tim will be with me, and whichever one of bfd or MDC wants it more will also tag along. We'll discuss pertinent topics like "just how great of a name is Mister Alexander anyway?" and "How dumb is Wade Phillips for not naming him the starting inside linebacker anyway? Everyone knows DeMeco Ryans is washed up now."

If you've got any questions you're dying to have poorly answered, leave them in the Comments.

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