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Pre-Game Recon: Unlimited Questions With Our Resident Colts Fans

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Normally, this is the post where I'd exchange a handful of questions and answers with the lead blogger for the Texans' opponent. This week, however, we're fortunate to have dozens of knowledgeable Colts fans in our midst, so there's no need for that.

Accordingly, this is your open thread to exchange questions and answers about the Colts in advance of Sunday's tilt. If you've got a question about the Colts, post it in the Comments; they'll get answered. If our Colts residents have questions about your Houston Texans, they'll post them in the Comments, and we'll answer 'em.

One request: Please keep the "HA HA! PEYTON MANNING'S HURT AND NOW YOU GUYS SUCK!" taunting to yourselves. It doesn't add anything to the exchange. Plus, there will probably be a FanPost started by the Colts fans specifically for trash talking, so you can fire your witty barbs about their QB situation there.

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