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Arian Foster Could Be A Game-Time Decision For Season Opener Versus Colts

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Arian Foster didn't practice again today, instead working out with the training staff on a side field. Gary Kubiak says:

"I’m watching from the practice field, but his workouts continue to get better but he did not practice," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "Everything’s still progressing the same way, but obviously we’re getting close to game time. We’ll see where he’s at tomorrow, but he was unable to practice today."


"I think it could if he shows where he’s at tomorrow and we feel very good about that and end up working him pretty hard Saturday morning and making sure he took another step forward," Kubiak said. "That’s something that can always take place in that last 48 hours, but we’ll see where he’s at tomorrow."

Kubiak was asked if there's a temptation to keep Foster out as a precaution since the 2010 All-Pro already injured his hamstring twice in the preseason.

"Like I said yesterday, we need to be at our best as a football team to win this game, and he puts us at our best," Kubiak said. "But at the same time, if he can’t go, if the trainers say that ‘No, he can’t go or it’s not smart,’ then we have to listen to them.

"Everything we’re doing or have been doing has been working towards Sunday, and it’s Thursday. You keep your options open, but obviously he wasn’t able to practice today."

In other words: Those of you who have Arian Foster on your fantasy football team still have absolutely no idea whether he's going to play on Sunday. Neat, huh?