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Defense Optional: Saints @ Packers, Second Quarter Open Thread

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One quarter down in the 2011 NFL season, and it's just as wonderful as we remembered.  Apparently, Aaron Rodgers is, like, good and stuff.  More's the pity if you are playing against him in your artificial football contests this weekend.  Less good than Rodgers?  Roman Harper, who is being abused like a redheaded stepchild who stole something.  Probably a soul, considering how those filthy daywalking gingers are. 

Where was I?  Oh, yes, the second quarter is underway.  As I write this, there still has not been a punt by either team.  Because I don't particularly care about the outcome, and because I hate punters due to post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by Chad Stanley and Matt Turk, I am fine with a punt-free contest.

So, anyway, here's your second quarter and halftime thread.  Leave your witticisms, creatively worded puns about player names, and other gallimaufry in the comments below.  Thank you.