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MOAR TUCHBAX: Saints @ Packers Open Thread, Quarter The Third

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Halfway through the game, fresh off the smugy smugness of Bob Costas, re-re-re-updated on ol' Vertebreyton Manning...can you really think of a better way to spend your Thursday night? Of course you can. But, seeing as how you don't have immediate access to fourteen dwarves, an aluminum Christmas tree, six quarts of KY, two pounds of pure Colombian nose candy, a stuffed rhino, and a clown wig, this game will have to do.

Besides, it could be worse: you could, say, live in Oklahoma. Or be one of the aforementioned dwarves. Or be a Saints fan who will spend the next 10 days wondering if their pass defense really is this porous.

Consider the comment section below to be a virtual landfill, in which you can dispose of the dirty diapers and empty beer bottles littering your brain. Or just consider it an open thread. Honestly, I don't care what you consider it.