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Greg Jennings Ain't Andre Johnson: Saints @ Packers, Fourth Quarter Open Thread

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I know what you are thinking.  You are wondering, "Is MDC going to put up a fourth-quarter open thread?"  Well, good news: I am.  I totally am.  I'm going to write some things until I get to one hundred and fifty words, and then I'm going to hit "Publish," and you are going to have a fourth quarter thread.  We will all be happy then, won't we, when MDC posts that fourth quarter thread for fourth quarter thoughts about the fourth quarter of this game of footed ball?  Yes sir, that will be a glorious day, when he finally reaches one hundred and fifty words and makes that open thread a reality.  Because, right now, it's just a promise -- a thought so delicate that we dare not look at it directly, lest it fly away -- but, soon, it will be here. It's just seven words away from right here.