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Week 10 2012: Texans at Bears - Judgment Day II: Weekend At Amobi's

All you need to know about the upcoming Sunday night tilt between the AFC South leading Houston Texans (7-1) and the NFC North leading Chicago Bears (7-1).

Dobbins Fined $30K

Hit on Cutler, while technically legal, still draws a flag and takes a chunk from Dobbins' wallet. Because that's the NFL for you.

2DH: Gone 'Til November

This is where something witty would go. Unfortunately, I've got nothin'. UPDATE: BBQU added!

Battle Red Radio: 7 p.m. CST!

Be there or be social! Wait, that's not even a threat. Crap.

Kubes Speaks

Take a gander at what Gary Kubiak had to say to the media in his Monday afternoon press conference.

Texans Daily Links: 11/12/12

Links about football and stuff.

Week 10 G.O.A.T.s: The ST Unit Isn't All Bad

This week, Battle Red Blog is getting on the mystery of LeStar and getting off the backs of some special teamers. No, Marciano, you're still on the hook.

Hair of the Dog: Recently Turned Over By Chicago

BRB's staff e-mails each other during the game. Read what they had to say.

Veterans Day Observed

Thanks to all who have served.

Texans - 13, Bears - 6: Post Game Open Thread

Eight wins. One loss. Because that's how KJax and Co. roll.

Texans @ Bears: Fourth Quarter Open Thread.

It's the fourth quarter. Here's a thread. It's open.

Texas Lead Bears 10-3 At Half

It's true. They do!

Texans @ Bears: Second Quarter Gameday Thread

This is the quarter that comes after the first.

Texans-Bears On Sunday Night Football

Share what's on your mind as the Texans take on the Bears in Chicago on Sunday Night Football.

Non-Texans Open Game Thread: Part II

The Texans still aren't playing yet. Keep commenting anyway.

Non-Texans Open Game Thread: Part I

The Texans aren't playing. Comment anyway.

Counting Down To Texans-Bears

Pass the time with fellow fanatics here.

This Week In GIFs: Shaun Cody Wags His Finger

In light of Skyfall's opening weekend, Battle Red Blog uses James Bond to summarize this past week's game against Buffalo while also delivering the most requested GIF of the week.

College Football Open Thread

Jump on in and enlighten us.

Texans Daily Links: 11/10/12

Links about football and stuff

Bush Or Rice?

This week's XFINITY poll asks you about Not Mario Williams and Ray Rice. Who you got?

Texans-Bears Predictions

It's that time of the week again.

Owen Daniels GTD, Others Already Ruled Out

Ready to have some wind taken out of your sails, Texans fans? Read this.

Battle Red Onion

All the Speculation and Spurious Facts of Traditional Media But With Half the Calories!

Texans-Bears Game-Watching

Where will you be?

Rookie Review: Weeks 7 and 9

I love me some Whitney Mercilus and Jared Crick.

TNF: Open Thread

Follow tonight's battle between the Colts and Jags live on BRB's TNF Open Thread.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings (Week Ten)

More wings,more picks, and, since we're already seeing Holiday commercials, Scott Farkus. Who could ask for anything more?

How Do You Watch Texans Games?

Samsung wants to know.

Deep Steel Blueprint: Cracking the Chicago Code

This week in the Blueprint, Battle Red Blog digs into the daunting Chicago Bears and what Houston must do to win Sunday night's huge match-up.

2DH: Just Another Sunday In The Neighborhood

On meeting Hayes Carll, tailgating with great people, jinxing games by my mere presence, and chimichurri. Also stats.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

Join the lunacy and stop by BRB's live chat.

Reminder: BRB Live Chat Tonight

Be here at 9 p.m. CST, or life as you know it will be struck with a sense of hopelessness that will envelop your soul.

Shaun Cody Is A Tough Cuss

Cody broke his ribs, punctured his lung, and came back to play on Sunday. Props.

Texans Daily Links: 11/7/12

Links about football and stuff

Battle Red Bag, Volume 21

Pooping pterodactyls. What else needs to be said?

Battle Red Radio: 7 p.m. CT!

The Bills ... well, they sure do have better jerseys than they have had recently. There is that. Battle Red Radio is back.