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Week 12 2012: Turkey N' Texans On Thursday

All you need to know about Thursday's Thanksgiving Showdown between Andre Johnson's Houston Texans and Calvin Johnson's Detroit Lions.

Andre Johnson, AFC Offensive POTM

A nice award for the great one, just to hold him over until he hoists the Lombardi in a few months.

Suh Fined For Kicking Schaub

In addition to this, Matt Schaub should get a free shot at Suh's pills.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT!

Crazy overtime game number two: acoustic boogaloo.

A Punk Named Suh

Somewhere, Johnny Cash shakes his head in disgust.

GOATs: Settling For FGs & Managing The Roster

For the first time in G.O.A.T.s history, Battle Red Blog is getting on and off the same person for their actions in Thursday's tenth Texans victory.

Texans Daily Links: 11/25-11/26

Links about football and stuff.

SNF Open Thread

Your place to talk about, or mock, the Packers/Giants game.

Open Thread: No Texans, Part II

The Texans aren't playing, which is not good. But other teams are, and football rocks, so we muddle through somehow.

Non-Texans Open Game Thread: Part I

Don't let the lack of Texans keep you from commenting on the other NFL games today.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

It's like Wednesday night came to Sunday morning. Mind. Blown.

BRB Chat Tomorrow At 10 A.M. CST

Bring it, won't you?

College Football Open Thread

Where we all pretend the Horns are undefeated and contending for a national championship instead of acknowledging the alternative.

In Defense Of The Defense: No Need To Panic Yet

Has the Parade ended or have the Bulls been caught in a unique set of circumstance?

Prospects to Watch Today: Brett's Draft Crushes

I promise this won't get weird...probably.

Texans Daily Links: 11/23/12

Links about football and stuff.

Vote: Thomas Or Shorts?

Voting for Cecil Shorts probably means you foresee a Titans loss, so there is that.

Brooks Reed To Miss 3-6 Weeks With Injury

The Bulls will be parading with one less Bull for the next month or so as Brooks Reed's groin will keep him sidelined.

2DH: The Two-Game Hangover [UPDATED]

Because there were two games. Get it?

Hair of the Dog: A Second Helping of Football

The Texans made their best effort to give us all indigestion with their heartbreaking overtime performance. The BRB crew steps away from their families to provide an epic conversation.

Thanksgiving Night Open Thread

Texans, Patriots, Horned Frogs, Longhorns,'s all good tonight.

Open Game Thread: Texans-Lions On Thanksgiving

Give thanks for your Houston Texans by commenting intelligently and frequently in BRB's open game thread.

Counting Down To Texans-Lions...And Thanksgiving

You've almost made it to the glorious twin bill of gluttony and Texans football. Pass the remaining time here.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings, Week Twelve

BRB's resident Oracle prognostibates about which teams will come out victorious in week 12.

Texans Daily Links: 11/21/12

Links about football and stuff.

Texans-Lions Predictions

Prediction No. 1: You will eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Matt Schaub: AFCOPotW

The QB for your Houston Texans is rightfully honored for his sublime play against the Jaguars.

Texans-Lions: Thanksgiving Game Watching

Share your plans for Thanksgiving with your fellow Texans fan.

Know Thy Enemy: Detroit Lions Edition

Sean Yuille from Pride of Detroit stops by BRB to answer a few questions. Check it out.

DSB: A Look At How Houston Can Beat Detroit

In this week's Deep Steel Blueprint, Battle Red Blog takes a look at two reasons why Detroit is 4-6: their self-inflicted wounds and poor secondary.

If J-Jo Can't Go, It's Alan Ball's Show

Rhyming is fun. Considering how the Texans will contain Calvin Johnson without Johnathan Joseph is not.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT!


Texans Daily Links: 11/20/12

Links about football and stuff.

Texans Injury Updates For Thanksgiving In Detroit

Gary Kubiak talks Johnathan Joseph, Ben Tate, Shaun Cody, and more.

2012 Playoffs: Texans Can Clinch A Spot In Week 12

It's November and we get to talk how the Texans can clinch a playoff spot. To say we're excited would be an understatement.

Texans Daily Links: 11/19/12

Links about football and stuff.


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