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Week 13 2012: Texans at Titans - Going For A Franchise-Best 11 Wins

All you need to know about the Houston Texans at the Tennessee Titans.

Rookie Review: Week 13

I'm half sure Rick Smith is the smartest man in the world. Brandon Brooks is proof.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CST!

We await your presence in our glorious weekly radio show. No really, we do. Why are you walking away from us?

2DH: Infallible, Not Into Failure [UPDATED]

The Texans sweep the Titans. I throw a bunch of number of pictures and inanity into a post. You know the drill by now, people.

Stanford Routt To Try Out For Texans

Brice McCain's out until the Super Bowl (zuh?), and the Texans need a corner. Can't imagine doing much better than Routt in Week 14.

Brice McCain Broke Foot, Had Surgery Today

The Texans' secondary grows thinner.

AFC Home Field Advantage In Play On MNF For Texans

The Texans clinched a playoff berth on Sunday by beating Tennessee, but how could they celebrate an AFC South division championship and home-field advantage on Monday night?

Backup Bulls On Parade Step Up For The Texans

Another victory means another joyful edition of G.O.A.T.s, as Battle Red Blog is no longer worried about Arian Foster's pace and is handing out attaboys to the backup Bulls on Parade who stepped up.

Hair of the Dog: Swept Clean (Texans @ Titans)

The Texans defeated the Titans on Sunday and the BRB crew was there to discuss, comment, and make sarcastic remarks and bad jokes.

Texans Dismantle Titans: We Laugh Here

Post-game open thread.

Texans @ Titans: 4Q Open Thread


Texans @ Titans: 3Q Open Thread

More commenting. Kenny Rogers doggerel.

Texans @ Titans: Second Quarter Open Thread

The game continues. So does the commenting. Do it here.

Open Game Thread: Texans-Titans

Share your thoughts in real time as the Texans take on the Titans in Nashville today.

Counting Down To Texans-Titans

Work yourself into a frenzy for Texans-Bud Adams here.

College Football Open Thread

Come and comment for a spell.

Predicting Texans-Titans

It's like you're visiting a virtual palm reader. For free!

Texans Daily Links: 11/30/12

Links about football and stuff.

Joseph, James, Newton, Caldwell Out Sunday

It took forever for the injury bug to hit full force, but boy did it hit.

The Pregame: When Hate Comes Easy

If you can't find things to hate about the Titans, you're just not trying.

Rookie Review: Week 12 - NO MERCY!

Whitney Mercilus is finally going to start. It was nice knowing you, Locker.

Texans-Titans Game Watching

What are your plans for Sunday's game?

Texans Daily Links: 11/29/12

Links about football and stuff.

TNF Open Thread: Saints v. Falcons

Hey, a Thursday Night Football matchup that doesn't immediately turn your stomach. Miracles abound.

Fanning The Flame: The Texans-Titans Rivlary

While MDC's Pregame usually "stokes the hate flame," this week's game is deserving of an early start. Consider it your appetizer of loathing before your hate steak.

DSB: A Houston Return To Normalcy

Will Tennessee changing offensive coordinators matter? Should fans expect another Matt Schaub Air Show? The Deep Steel Blueprint previews what Texans fans may see on Sunday.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings, Week Twelve

C'mon, you know you want some wings...and picks too.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

Chat, all ye faithful. Joyful and triumphant.

BRB Live Chat: Tonight At 9 P.M. CST

C'mon. Talking is good for you. Talking with strangers on the internet is even better. Make a date with the BRB Live Chat this evening.

Suh Fined For Kicking Schaub

In addition to this, Matt Schaub should get a free shot at Suh's pills.

Best Texans Moment Seen On Television?

How would you answer that question?

Texans-Titans In Nashville, Revisited

One Texans "fan" memorably called a Titans win in October 2011. Has his fandom been forever compromised?

Texans Daily Links: 11/27/12

Links about football and stuff.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT!

Crazy overtime game number two: acoustic boogaloo.

Texans' Playoff Scenarios: Time To Clinch

Looking at what needs to happen for the Texans to officially make the playoffs.

Shayne Graham Scares Me, But Who's Better?

Taking a hard look at Shayne Graham's numbers, career, and other possibilities.

A Punk Named Suh

Somewhere, Johnny Cash shakes his head in disgust.


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