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Week 7 2012: Ravens at Texans - Two Teams Limp In, One Limps Out

All you need to know about week seven's match-up between the 5-1 Baltimore Ravens and 5-1 Houston Texans.

2DH: Epitaphs & Mayonnaise

Playing a team named after a Poe reference? Sounds like a good time to discuss death! And mayonnaise-based BBQ sauces. And Michigan football. YAY, RANDOMNESS!

Not Your Grandmother's Texans

These Texans are new and improved, as witnessed by how they responded to the egg laid last Sunday night.

Is This The Start Of The 2012 Barwinning Tour?

We get on the confounding case of false start penalties while Connor Barwin lets off some frustration of his own.

Hair of the Dog: BRB Discusses Sunday's Game

The conversation between the BRB staff was far more compelling than the one between Deirdorf and Gumbell. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Texans - 43, Ravens -13: Post Game Open Thread

Continuing the celebratory discussion here.

Game Day Open Thread: Texans v. Ravens, 4Q

Fourth quarter. Discuss.

Game Day Open Thread: Texans v. Ravens, 3Q

A thread to discuss the developing beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens. Or just to make "Joe Flacco is elite?" jokes. Whatever.

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Ravens, 2Q

Johnathan Joseph just picked off this post as I was writing it.

Texans-Ravens Open Game Thread

Talk Texans-Ravens as it happens on Battle Red Blog.

Counting Down To Texans-Ravens

Expel the pregame jitters on BRB.

Vote For Charity

Cat your vote in this week's XFINITY poll and do your part toward helping a deserving charity get something.

College Football Open Thread

College football talk, all day and all night.

Texans-Ravens Game-Watching

Share your plans for Sunday's game.

Texans-Ravens Predictions

These things will come to pass on Sunday at Reliant Stadium. Unless they don't. There's really no pressure either way.

The Pregame: Hating The Ratbirds

Will Baltimore stay undefeated against Houston? Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

Darryl Sharpton: Not Ready

Don't expect Darryl Sharpton to return to the field anytime soon, if at all this season.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings

This week, we try to go better than .500 for the week, we also try to make people crazy for tasty, delicious wings.

Can the Cushingless Texans Shut Down Ray Rice?

This week's Blueprint focuses on how the Houston Texans could possibly deal with Rice while their All-Pro linebacker watches from the sideline.

Texans Daily Links: 10/17/12

Links about football and stuff.

BRB Live Chat

You ask, I answer, we all learn.

Live Chat Reminder

Update that Outlook calendar entry for 9 p.m. CDT this evening.

Do As I Say And Not As I Do.

David Carr opines on how to succeed as a franchise quarterback. Next up in the series: Petey Faggins tells us how one becomes a lockdown cornerback.

Submit questions to the Battle Red Bag!

I will lure you in with the longest writing that has ever been tangentially related to self-serve grocery checkouts.

Texans Daily Links: 10/16/12

Links about football and stuff.

Battle Red Radio: Tonight At 7 P.M. CT

Be there, or be sober. But don't be both.

Who Takes Tim Jamison's Spot On The Roster?

With Tim Jamison's season over, the Texans make moves to fill out the 53-man roster and 8-man practice squad.

Andre 10,000

The greatest Houston Texan of all time made history on Sunday night.

Ravens Lose Two Defensive Stalwarts For Season

Ladarius Webb and Ray Lewis--done for the year. Haloti Ngata will reportedly play on a tweaked MCL.


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